Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Ever been dumbfounded as to something would work out?
Many times I have stayed up late at night trying to work out how things could work out.

I know as a Christ follower I need to just turn things over to him.
This was easier said than done for me.
I have tried to but I end up taking my problem back due to being impatient.
I tend to play the part of an impatient cook…watching that pot waiting for it to boil.
I wait and watch a bit but then, I got to get in there and add some spice to my liking and put the lid on so it can boil faster.

I have gotten better at not trying to do things the way I think it should be done.
Don’t get me wrong I still worry some but I just don’t obsess about things like I use to.

For Example at the beginning of this month I was due to start the process for bariatric surgery. Unexpectantly, my husband’s insurance provider changed.
The doctor that I would have been using was not on the network. He could still do it but, I would have to pay a $900 deductible and the other 50% of the cost that the insurance would not cover. Which just happened to be about $4700?

The only way I was going to be able to have the surgery before was due to a pay flex account my husband had and the balance on it was just a little over half the amount of the 50% amount and that had to take care of scripts and doctor visits for a family of 4 for a year.

Naturally, was all bummed out because this doctor I wanted because of all the extra precautions he took before he would even operating.

After the first day of hearing the news I had accepted that he would not be the one and maybe it just wasn’t meant to happen. I got the names of 2 doctors off the insurance list and was going to see all I could find out about them and see if they still indeed had a contract with the current insurance company .

today, I got a call from the doctor of my choice telling me that all I needed to pay was the deductible and he would take the 50% the insurance would give him and I need not worry about the other half, he would write it off…that it was more important for me to have the surgery.

I could not believe it…was I hearing correctly. Did doctors actually put their patients first anymore?

One of the few times I have ever just dealt with the outcome and did not try to fix it…I just was going to see what the next stage would be and did not get beat down by it.

I guess that was a case of “God will make a way” experience in my life.