Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Point of View

It just astonishes me how much a point of view can change your out look on things.

For instance, think of yourself as an old beat up truck that has been traded in at a car dealership.

The dealership plans on sending you to the scrap yard to be melt down because you don’t have a good enough blue book value.

You are worn out, beat up, dirty and haven’t had an oil change in years. Everything around you is all flashy, clean and new..never really been driven.

So, you focus on what you are not and get so down.

In walks a man whom is looking over all the flashy rides up for sale. However, he doesn’t seem to be interested in the ones the dealers show him so he just keeps looking.

He walks around in what seems forever and then sees the old beat up truck and stops at it.

He stand silent a while and then says that you are the one for him…talk about blowing your gasket.

So, the dealer tells him what a pile of junk you are. The states that you are worn out.
The man replies not really you just have down so real bumpy roads and you just need some new shocks, tires and brakes.
“Why this thing hasn’t been treated well and hasn’t had an oil change in years” replies the dealer.

The man not moving his eyes off you say “It may not have been treated very well and it may be all gunked up inside but, all that is needed is someone to take the time to tune it up and give it an oil change so it is not so thick inside”.

“It is all dinged up and dirty why waste your time” says the confused dealer.

The man in-turn replies “I will make it clean and in time I will have all those dings popped out”.

The dealer amazed at what the man wants says “Well, I will need to go and check on the price for it would be”

“I have already paid the price I just need the key”
, replied the man.

After a bit the dealer returns with some paper work and a key. “I don’t understand it but here you go J.C.” After a brief pause the dealer asks “Where will you take it”?

As the man starts the old truck and starts to drive off he replies “To my Fathers House”.

To me it is good to know that even if others say we are worthless and we may even believe it ourselves…That someone sees us as a classic that just needs to be cleaned up, tuned up and given an oil change so we don’t feel so thick inside.


Paulette said...

Hey Sam, I said this to myself today and want to say it to you as well.
Who am I? I'm myself like it or not, No other. No duplicate, no clone. God created me And I am exactly who he wants me to be. Yes maybe a tad smaller but only for health sake,he see's my heart he see's me, nothing less, nothing else. That is true for you as well.

The writer of Job say's each of us has been uniquely shaped by God's hand. He knew what we would look like it isn't a secret to him, if he knew and accepts us we need to as well. A blessed thought is I don''t have to be anybody but me. It is none of MY business what other people think about me.

All I have to do is be faithful to walk in the way of the Lord and he will create in me a new heart and body as I grow in Him.We first must accept and love who we are now before change can or will happen.

Being who we are now is difficult because we don't like who we are. We need to accept ourselves as God's creation, then we are free to be us without fear. This is our promise today Sam!!

healing hoves said...

just to let you know in advance I am filing this picture away to steal from you in the future, i love this picture..........sonja

Emotional Rescue said...

This is a good lesson, especially coming from you. I am glad to see you are still "in the green." You keep up that great attitude and God will keep you filled with all things beautiful in your life. Love you!

healing hoves said...

That was good Sam, I am so glad you are starting to see the goodness God put in you the day of your creation. It has always beent here, sometimes we just get lost along the way. You are coming home Sam, I can feel it, I am happy for you, you are a beautiful soul and I am glad you are a freind of mine.....Love You Sonja