Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ponder Point:

I use to love this time of year. I loved the weather the, feeling of warmth when around family and friends.
To give thanks for all that you had, not grumble about what you don’t have.

I think about the Ron Howard movie “The Grinch” I think about the scenes of all the whos down in whoville and their focus on all the commercialism.

You can’t even make it to Thanksgiving with out hearing or seeing the bombardment of holiday advertisements.
In fact, you just barely get done with Halloween when it all starts.

You’re told that to be happy and successful you need to have bigger, better and newer.
I recall not to long ago and jewelry commercial where this wife and husband we at some party and she notices every woman’s jewelry.
She focuses on how much bigger and better their things are and it is all because they went to a certain jewelry store.

She is all in a huff and crams her munchies down in his drink when he says hello dear.
That just irritates me to no end, about how ungrateful she was for what she did have.

We live in a society where we don’t give thanks for our food, clothing and shelter that we do have.
Out there in the world there are so many whom have much less, but we don’t care we just got to have the biggest, newest and best of whatever is out there.

What a pity.


healing hoves said...

guess we needed to vent a little huh. i do agree with you somewhat, the great thing is that the older i get i am seeing all the wonderful people who find more blessings giving to others, than worring what they receive. it does seem to balance out..........sonja

Paulette said...

I do agree with you Sam, people do want bigger and better it is very evident. I think people need to be glad for what they do have, there are always more people who are so much less fortunate than us. Some are just out to get more.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.