Monday, November 20, 2006


Where did the time go, how did it fly by so fast.
It dose not seem so long ago when I reflect back on my past.

Some say the glass is half empty, for some it is half full.
I just whish I could slow down the coarse of natures pull.

Like many as a youth I could not wait to grow up.
I would get my own place, a car; do what I want, when I wanted.
Filled to the brim would be life’s cup.

Unfortunately, for me, to life’s pains I held so tight.
Time seems to have flown by, not really enjoying life.
Oh, how resentments and anger do leave such a bite.

I can no longer have my body function as it once did.
I am older, slower and have aches and pains.
I wonder why I couldn’t have just enjoyed being a kid.

In the morning when I wake my parts no longer salute the sun.
As gravity does work and now the parts hang there in shame.

Life goes on weather you want it to or not.
I don’t want to waste the time I have left as I did in the past.

I try to look on the lighter side of things and enjoy all that can be seen.Now when I lie down at night I am no longer a depressed mess.

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